October 24, 2020

I started producing music when I was 23 or so with a four track tape recorder when I was living in Boston. I am grateful for my time in Massachusetts that reminded me that songs are holy. I started writing songs when I was around 12 years old and had been playing guitar for around a year. What drew me to music and sound was their capacity for the immediate transmissions of emotions. I was really interested in jazz and jazz harmony and the American songbook at the time, and I still am. Wendy Eisenberg Interview

October 24, 2020October 23, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: 15 questions. Words can do it too, and so can art, but something about the presence of a musician, the filling up of the room – it’s such grace. For a few years, when I was in jazz school, I forgot that writing songs was a legitimate art form, forgetting that jazz is song-music as much as it is not. Even the earliest songs I wrote had the formal conventions of the songbook in their DNA, which feels lucky.


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