September 17, 2020

With Ches Smith on drums and Jorge Roeder on bass this is a cello recital unlike any other! Upcoming Releases from Tzadik

September 17, 2020September 16, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: Tzadik. A long time member of Trey Spruance’s legendary ensemble Secret Chiefs 3, his brilliant guitar work embraces a wide variety of traditions and styles, from blues, jazz and surf rock to Balkan folk and heavy metal. Featuring two works for solo cello and two works for cello and rhythm section, the music is filled with spectacular leaps, intense textures, dizzying tremolos, hypnotic ostinatos, scordatura and more! John Zorn: Azoth [#8375]
Jay Campbell (JACK Quartet) and Michael Nicolas (Brooklyn Rider) are two of the greatest cellists in new music. (Release date: November 2020) As always, Zorn pushes the envelope of what is technically possible on the instrument and Mike and Jay come to the plate full force, exhibiting a new level of virtuosity in these breathtaking and dramatic works. Years in the making, this is powerfully imaginative instrumental music by an all star ensemble of masters at the top of their game. Long-time members of Zorn’s inner circle, here they perform four compositions written expressly for them. (Release date: November 2020)
Red Fiction: Visions Of The Void [#7819]
With a command of countless genres and a vast list of credits, composer/guitarist Jason Schimmel is a musical polymath whose talents know no bounds. Visions of the Void is his masterpiece, an intense program of eclectic music that jumps quickly and seamlessly from one style to another.


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