October 30, 2020

Marisa Anderson, William Tyler, and Yasmin Williams — three of today’s most creative guitarists — gather for filming at the Loghaven Artist Residency. 20 | A Guitar Assembly: Marisa Anderson, William Tyler & Yasmin Williams from Knoxville’s Loghaven Artist Residency
Norwegian Digital Jazz Festival
Fri, Nov. 10 | An Evening with Tord Gustavsen Trio (8pm)
Tue, Nov. 24 | Double Bill: Silje Nergaard (7pm) + Ketil Bjørnstad, solo (8pm)
Fri, Nov. 1 | Double Bill: Hedvig Mollestad Trio (7pm) + Eivind Aarset Quartet (7pm)
Tue, Dec. The Norwegian Digital Jazz Festival offers a multi-faceted portrait of the country’s unique jazz scene, over seven double bill concerts, featuring artists including pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, saxophonist Tryvge Seim, guitarist Eiven Aarset, and trumpeters Mathias Eick and Nils Petter Molvær, plus an evening with pianist Tord Gustavsen. 8 | Double Bill: Beady Belle (7pm) + Arild Andersen Group (8pm)
Fri, Dec. The band — assembled from musicians across the region — made this special recording set-up in the round at Knoxville’s The Mill & Mine, one of the cornerstone venues at the annual Big Ears Festival. 13 | Lonnie Holley & Friends from Knoxville’s The Mill & Mine
featuring Ben Sollee, Dave Eggar, Christopher Paul Stelling, Phil Faconti, Jordon Ellis & Evie Andrus
Fri, Nov. Acclaimed visual and performing artist Lonnie Holley will be joined by a remarkable ensemble featuring cellists Ben Sollee and Dave Eggar, guitarists Christopher Paul Stelling and Phil Faconti, fiddler Evie Andrus, and drummer Jordan Ellis. 17 | Double Bill: Bendik Hofseth’s Woodlands (7pm) + Mathias Eick Quintet (8pm)
Tue, Nov. 11 | Double Bill: Elephant9 (7pm) + Nils Petter Molvær Trio (8p) The Big Ears Festival Streaming Concerts

October 30, 2020October 29, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: The Big Ears Festival. Sites & Sounds from Big Ears
Fri, Nov. Big Ears is teaming up with MAI:JAZZ (Stavanger International Jazz Festival), Oslo’s Sentralen Performing Arts Center, and Hes & Falck to present the Norwegian Digital Jazz Festival, a 15-program series launching on Friday, November 6 and spanning six weeks — Big Ears is the exclusive North American presenter of the Norwegian festival. 6 | Double Bill: Bugge Wesseltoft, solo (7pm) + Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity (8pm)
Tue, Nov. Each performance has been elegantly filmed by the leading Nordic manager/promoter Musikkprofil at the Sentralen in Oslo, Norway. 26 | Doube Bill: Mats Eilertsen, solo (7pm) + Trygve Seim ‘Rumi Songs’ (8pm)
Tue, Dec. Norway has been home to a rich and fertile jazz scene for decades, first brought into the international spotlight by saxophonist Jan Garbarek’s recordings for ECM Records. Sites & Sounds from Big Ears, the dynamic new streaming initiative launched by the Big Ears Festival, will continue with a new slate of post-election programming that includes a 5-week, 15-show Norwegian Digital Jazz Festival, an incantatory performance by the legendary artist and two-time Big Ears alumni Lonnie Holley, and an acoustic guitar summit delving deep into rich American traditions with a contemporary edge. Performing solo, duo and trio at this bucolic South Knoxville site, the musicians each showcase their unique musical vision on the instrument and then come together in collaboration.


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