February 20, 2021

Louis, Missouri. His first album as a leader, 1972’s Dogon A.D., is one of the most stark and striking out-jazz records ever. Stereogum’s Month In Jazz for February 2021

February 20, 2021February 19, 2021 ~ Mike

Source: Stereogum. I’ve been listening to a lot of Julius Hemphill’s music lately. Born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1938, the 6’4” saxophonist and bandleader was a founding member of the Black Artists’ Group in St. It was recorded with trumpeter Baikida Carroll, cellist Abdul Wadud, and drummer Phillip Wilson, but the cover art depicted six musicians far away, silhouetted against the sky in a way that was both mysterious and somehow threatening, as though they were daring you to try and get closer.


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