July 12, 2020

This new record features two attuned location-based Hörstücke that sit somewhere between conceptual composition and magical realism. It provides a sense of location so familiar yet very disorienting. When there is more to communicate, to connect to than a “musical work”? But what does it say about this music when the artistic choice goes deeper, when it is not only an urge to express but to find oneself? On the opposite side, Two Things acts as a transient dream sequence, an elusive mise en scène. A (re)introduction to a periphery state, a fictional truth, an outside world constructed entirely and deliberately from the inside of an apartment. Describing herself as “classically trained and rigorously de-trained”, Goldston indeed defies all conformities of genre, style and technique. Lori Goldston – Things Opening
Lori Goldston’s approach to the violoncello is true and immediate. Her work is always seen as a contribution, as engagement. These pieces, or studies, are as much about organization as they are about irruption, or attention and idleness. This album comprises of two parts, highlighting Goldston as both a distinct composer as well as a many-faceted performer. These pieces carry a present day urgency. claire rousay – Both
claire rousay has been exploring the sensitivities of sound always in relation to “the self” and “the other”, equally. Tellier-Craig constructs and simultaneously questions the relation of composition and/as deconstruction. But this goes beyond homage, and has nothing to do with electroacoustic nostalgia. The first side holds a suite of songs written by Goldston to accompany the poems of Melinda Mueller, while the second features pieces written for Goldston by Jessika Kenney, Satchel Henneman and Julio Lopezhiler. Library is a site-specific piece recorded at, and played back to the halls of the Central Library in San Antonio, Texas. What does it mean to utilize, to arrange, to listen? It is elegant, gritty, restless, delicate, irreverent, utterly pure. Recording, collaging and composing become acts of considering, remembering, giving. Second Editions Releases

July 12, 2020July 11, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: Second Editions. Time and sound coherent and in contrast in an acoustic space. Mixing a live microphone feed through a pair of loudspeakers and accompanying it with two sine tones pitched specifically to the building’s dimensions and resonant frequencies, rousay is blending architectual space and human interaction into one curated arrangement. Therefore music becomes a context, or more precisely, a habitat. A meticulous recording of social against functional space. Merging subject into object, opposing chance to narrative, putting source against sound. Her playing reflects as much of Baroque as it does of American roots or experimental traditions. Seeking to configure tensions through the use of differences, creating an extensive network of relationships between differing sonic phenomena. Roger Tellier-Craig – Études
This CD holds four new compositions conceived by Roger Tellier-Craig during his studies at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal.


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