October 25, 2020

We want to enter into a universe of harmony in which it becomes possible to hear into the interstices of what does notsound by means of what doessound. Recent Releases from New World Records

October 25, 2020October 24, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: New World Records. We imagine a situation in which the sounding together of tones is never taken for granted, is continually renewed and reinvented. We know that the effect of any set of simultaneous tones, by means of the multiplication implicit in the harmonic series, totals much more than the number of notes played. We will use harmony to probe one world, and when that world is known, move from it to another and another beyond that. These are the generations… is a translation of the Hebrew title for the second work on the program, Eleh Tol’d’ot, the first words of the thirty-fifth verse of the first book (B’rey’sheet) of the Torah. The compositions included stem from different generations of Polansky’s musical output: Some were composed in the 1980s while he was teaching at Mills College in Oakland, California (Eleh Tol’d’ot, Sacco, Vanzetti); some while living in New Hampshire when he was a Professor of Music at Dartmouth College (Glockentood II, 22 Sounds­); and others are recent compositions completed in Santa Cruz, California, around the time of Polansky’s retirement from the University of California, Santa Cruz (five songs for kate and vanessa, kaddish (ladder) canon). Beyond referencing Polansky’s Jewish heritage, the phrase reflects this particular collection of works on several levels. A room can be made to vibrate with hundreds of frequencies by a single chord. VARIOUS ARTISTS
We want to fabricate a new music. VARIOUS ARTISTS
The title of this recording has multiple meanings for its composer, Larry Polansky (b 1954).


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