February 18, 2021

Matt Werth, founder of experimental music label RVNG Intl., was already, as he puts it, “headfirst into the world of outsider synthesizer music” when he happened upon Trans-Millenia Consort, the 1982 album by Pauline Anna Strom, through the recently shuttered blog Waxidermy. Pauline Anna Strom’s Music Profiled

February 18, 2021February 17, 2021 ~ Mike

Source: Bandcamp Daily. At first drawn in by the album’s artwork—a painting of what looks like a cracked egg giving birth to an eyeball—he had “this really transportive moment” when he heard opening track “Emerald Pool,” an instrumental that dusts synthesizer melodies over the sound of Strom splashing her hand in a bowl of water.


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