October 29, 2020

Sound. Xander Naylor – Continuum
Xander Naylor is a guitarist, improviser, and composer living in New York City, who gathers the vocabularies and core energetic forces of avant jazz, post-rock, and Indian classical music, into a singular new sound, described by The Critical Masses as “a language all his own.” Naylor’s new album Continuum features all-new compositions which are all about breaking through the barriers of digital screens and facing others eye-to-eye, as well as facing the problematic discourses of our time with the knowledge that “there still are people who still stand for respect and the ideal of common good.”
Ruthless Cosmopolitans – Ruthless
New York’s Ruthless Cosmopolitans is a collaboration between guitarist, producer, and label-owner Jon Madof (Zion80, Rashanim, Chant Records) and underground rapper, poet, and performance artist Eden Pearlstein (aka ePRHYME of Darshan). Music, poetry, performance and imagery are the mediums employed to spread this synaesthetic form of sympathetic magic. New Releases From Chant Records

October 29, 2020October 28, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: Chant Records. Ruthless Cosmopolitans is a cathartic/parodic/prophetic response to the spiraling state of our nation, and the world. Sign. Signal. Word.


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