July 30, 2020

Nameless Sound will contribute two 10-minute videos featuring montages from its They, Who Sound Special Delivery project, which was presented in partnership with Lawndale Art Center. For a small fee, They, Who Sound Special Delivery offers live experimental music performances, delivered to your driveway, front lawn, or sidewalk – safe and socially distant. Improv Fest is presented by The International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation, of which Nameless Sound is a partner organization. For more information, go to https://improvfest.ca/ The festival will feature more than 150 artists. August 7, 2020
7pm CST to August 8, 7pm CST
Stream online: https://improvfest.ca/
Nameless Sound continues its presentation of online performance and international collaboration through its participation in Improv Fest, a 24-hour festival of improvising artists from around the globe, representing a wide range of disciplines. All footage of these performances was taken by audience members. Nameless Sound’s Improvisation Festival Coming August 7

July 30, 2020July 29, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: Improvisation Festival.


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