January 15, 2021

First of all, the web store …. And now we are happy to announce that 2021 is the year to be D.A.F.T! He is survived by his four sons Toby, Orlando, Tali, & Ynys. In 2015 Gong legend Daevid Allen sadly passed away at the age of 77. is to preserve Daevid’s legacy of Poetry, Music & Hand Drawn Illustrations for the fans and future generations in one place. The aim and focus with D.A.F.T. Daevid Allen Family Trust Launches

January 15, 2021January 14, 2021 ~ Mike

Source: Daevid Allen Family Trust. merchandise and music. Prior to his passing Daevid set up the “Daevid Allen Family Trust” or D.A.F.T. Secondly, we are also happy to announce that there will be a box set coming soon called “Deya Dreaming” which is a collection of unreleased music from Daevid’s time in Deia, Mallorca. is now open selling a wide selection of official D.A.F.T. 2021 promises to be a busy year with a lot more stuff to come! for short for his children.


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