January 12, 2021

A look inside the creative mind of a young Belgian composer; a personal work with warm sounds in carefully crafted compositions. Coming Soon From Moving Furniture Records

January 12, 2021January 11, 2021 ~ Mike

Source: Moving Furniture Records. A delicate minimalist work of dense organ and synthesizer drones Ryan van Haesendonck
A trip to Normandy, the sounds of the wind, waves and nature combined with the hectic impressions of the crowded city Brussels left. The duo of Bruno Duplant and Alfredo Costa Monteiro presen a work at the edge of contemporary classical music, sound-art and avant-garde electronica. Bruno Duplant & Alfredo Costa Monteiro
Soleils Noirs
The first release in a series of collaborations which formed during the work on the Moving Sounds compilation.


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