September 26, 2020

I particularly wanted to ask him about one show that I saw him at, which was Sonny Rollins’ 80th birthday concert at the Beacon Theatre 10 years ago, where they were joined by Ornette Coleman and Roy Haynes. Obviously, a guy like McBride, who’s played with basically everyone, has a million stories to tell. Something else interesting is that he’s an interviewer himself – he hosts a radio show where he talks to other jazz musicians. He’s been on more than 300 albums as a sideman, and has won six Grammys. Christian McBride Interview

September 26, 2020September 25, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: burning ambulance. And believe me, he has stories about Rollins. This year alone, he’s put out three major projects. Christian McBride is one of the most widely recorded bass players in jazz. And beyond making music and talking about music, he’s also the artistic director for the Newport Jazz Festival, and he his wife run a jazz program for kids in New Jersey, Jazz House Kids, so we talk about how that’s been impacted by COVID-19 and what they see as the future of the program and of jazz education. So we talk a little bit about that, too.


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