June 25, 2020

Liberatore’s tone is bright and clear and has just a little bit of chime. Highly recommended! It was recorded and mixed by Matteo at his home studio and was mastered by Elliot Sharp. His dropped guitar tuning gives him a big open sound. Having said that “Gran Sasso” is less of a departure from “Solos” as it is more of a glimpse into Liberatore’s musical imagination. It is a very imaginative piece that has an open atmospheric quality in which Liberatore explores shape, texture, space and color. “Gran Sasso” is without any overdubs and other than some reverb and extensive use of the volume pedal, it is void of electronic effects.  But all the while Liberatore’s playing sounds both intentional and reflective giving this piece its own character. “Gran Sasso” is a wonderful modern electric guitar record and is something I have found myself replaying over and over again. AMN Reviews: “Gran Sasso”, Matteo Liberatore (2020; BandCamp)

June 25, 2020 ~ cdechiara

“Gran Sasso” is Matteo Liberatore’s second solo guitar album. It is the follow up to his excellent 2018 debut “Solos”. “Gran Sasso” unfolds in unusual ways; the piece seems to continually shift from moment to moment. “Gran Sasso” appears to be a digital only release so head on over to Bandcamp and check it out.   Unlike “Solos” which focused on extended techniques on the acoustic guitar, “Gran Sasso” is a single extended piece for solo electric guitar using somewhat more conventional techniques. Chris De Chiara


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