July 13, 2020

Frank Macchia / Brock Avery
Rhythm Abstraction: Ruby (Cacophony)
Jonathan Suazo / Gabriel Vicens / Leonardo Osuna
No Base Trio (Setola di Maiale)
Omri Ziegele Tomorrow Trio
All Those Yesterdays (Intakt Records)
Edward ‘Kidd’ Jordan, Joel Futterman, William Parker, Hamid Drake
A Tribute to Alvin Fielder – Live at Vision Festival XXIV (Mahakala Music)
Reviewed by Troy Dostert
Magnus Granberg
Let Pass My Weary Guiltless Ghost (Another Timbre)
Damon Smith
Whatever Is Not Stone Is Light (Balance Point Acoustics)
Sun Ra Arkestra
Seductive Fantasy (Strut Records)
Rudresh Mahanthappa
Hero Trio (Whirlwind Recordings)
Abbey Radar And John McMinn
Duo from the Heart (Abray Productions) All About Jazz Reviews

July 13, 2020July 12, 2020 ~ Mike

Source: All About Jazz.


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